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Designing your Yurt

Things to consider.......

There are a number of things to consider when designing your yurt.  We will work closely with you as needed to design and build your yurt.  On the next page we've simplified the process by explaining what comes in the basic yurt shell.  You can simply purchase the shell, or add or subtract options from there by reviewing the information provided and contacting us with any questions you may have.  This should give you a sense of the total cost of your yurt.  Giving us a better sense of your needs will help us give you a better sense of cost.  So as you're dreaming about your yurt, please consider the following:


What will be the primary use of your yurt ?  This is a very important consideration and helps give us a better understanding of your needs.  Understanding your primary use will help us work with you through the design process and material selection.


The location of your yurt is important as well since you will have to do site work to prepare for your yurt.  Things to consider here are how will you get your yurt to it's site?  Will you pour a slab, purchase a floor along with your yurt, or build a floor yourself?  These things do require some planning, but we can help talk you through the process.


Size is measured across the floor from outside wall to outside wall.  Please remember since our walls lean out, you actually get more space past the square footage of the floor.  This may help you with building code since square footage is a smaller number than the actual space inside.  The one you see pictured on the website is a 14'er and provides a nice space for 1 to 3 people as a camp. Currently we offer a 14', 20' and 24' versions, along with a 12' and 14' simple yurt version.  We also plan to offer a two story version sometime soon.


There are 8 walls to our yurts.  The 14' yurt's walls can be either 2x4 or 2x6 construction.  The 20' and 24' yurts have 2x6 wall construction.  Each wall can be solid wall, or have a door or window.


Doors:  We usually use a standard 36" door but can do different sizes including a sliding or french door.  

Windows:  How many windows do you want?  What size?  Fixed or opening? 


Exterior Walls and Trim:  The one pictured has 1" rough-cut siding and is natural wood without paint or stain. The trim is stained here.  Clapboard siding or a finished vertical siding is also an option as well as metal or other materials you might want. Do you want your siding left natural, or painted or stained?  Trim is also has the same options, natural, painted or stained.

Interior Walls and Trim:  Interior walls can be insulated inside the 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 cavity.  They can also include a finish like drywall or wood and can be left natural, painted or stained.  Finished interior walls can include interior window and door trim along with corner and baseboard trim.

Roofing:  We offer metal roofing in galvanized or painted.  

Skylight:  The size of the skylight can also be something to consider.  In the yurt pictured we used a 2' skylight.  

Floor:  Will you be needing a floor, building one yourself, or will you be attaching it to your cement slab?


Yes, we can build cabinets, shelving, desks, a loft bed as pictured as well as other options.  We can also do electrical and plumbing work.


We hope this gives you a sense of the many options to consider when dreaming and designing.  Having a fair understanding of your needs and these options when you contact us will help expedite the process

Once you have a general idea of what you're looking for and the options you might consider, please use the contact page for questions about pricing.

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