Our Philosophy

KARMA is very important to us.  Our yurts are built with the intention of providing you with a peaceful relaxing environment.  You'll be amazed how our yurts actually feel inside.  We design, build, and sell yurts made for enjoying life. Whatever your specific use and needs, we listen to you and design your yurt around you.  We take care of all the complex stuff so you can erect your yurt and enjoy it to it's fullest. We want your yurt buying experience to be enjoyable and we do our best to ensure that you use and enjoy your yurt for many years to come.  

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About Adirondack Yurts

Who We Are

Adirondack Yurts is a new business located in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York State.  We design and builds yurts with a unique take on the original Mongolian Yurt or Ger.

Having been interested in yurts since 1981, we wanted to create a yurt that was a warmer, stronger, longer lasting, and a more permanent solution to the tent like yurts found elsewhere.  At the same time we wanted something easily erected.  Our yurts are modular in design having 8 wall panels, 8 roof panels, a door panel, and 4 floor panels if not attached to a slab.  

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