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Customized... Our yurts are customized to your needs and specific use as a: home, guest room, home office, camp, retreat, hostel unit, studio, meditation or massage room, small business, food stand or festival space.  The possibilities are endless.

Adirondack Yurts

Spacious and unique 

Since our walls lean out, customized furniture such as cabinets, tables/desks, shelving, etc take up little floor space while providing greater surface area.  Plus the space itself is very unique and light.

Adirondack Yurts'

design is octagonal with outward leaning walls that seem to sprout from the earth in a natural form.  They're wooden and offer a more permanent yurt solution to serve a variety of uses in every season.

Imagine... cross-country skiing or snowshoeing to your private retreat, starting a fire and watching the snow fall outside. Or leaving your house and walking to your backyard home office or meditation spot. And, what a wonderful space for your kids, friends or relatives to retire to while visiting.

A new take on the Mongolian Yurt

Inside an Adirondack Yurt, you’ll notice the center octagon skylight that comes standard with each yurt.

Adirondack Yurts are easily constructed. Offered as a shell, or insulated with interior finishes, options include: door, window, and solid wall layouts, several skylight sizes, various interior, exterior and roofing finishes, and with a floor or ready to attach to your slab. We also offer site work, electrical and plumbing work if needed.

The yurt pictured here is a 14' er and is set up as a one room camp and has a living and kitchen area, along with a sleeping loft and wood stove.

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